Welcome, world!


Rewind back to 10 months ago, a time when I started my first blog, a time when I was filled with excitement to start university at the London College of Fashion, a time when I was living a pretty average British lifestyle.

…fast forward 10 months and here I am living in the Tuscan hills, attempting to re-start my blog so I can share the weird and wonderful experiences of my life with you!

If you’re wondering, ‘why has this girl ran away from home?’, well here’s the short story.

I recently decided to follow my heart and take a huge risk by requesting a year out from university for many reasons

  1. My boyfriend lives in Florence, Italy
  2. I love to travel
  3. I was unhappy in London

So my solution to this problem; move to Florence, be with my boyfriend and be happy!

By moving to Florence I feel like I have granted myself with a fresh start and since I fell out of love with my old blog, I thought; why not use this opportunity and give it a makeover!

What you can expect from Shannice Alice blogs?

Travel: As a wanderluster, I have both previous and upcoming trips to write about to inspire your latest adventures. I love writing about my travels because I feel like I am transported back to that time and all the memories come flooding back to me. 

Fashion: With a background as a Fashion Marketing student, obviously I cannot resist the urge to blog about all things fashion! Expect posts about my own style, latest trends, fashion events or even rambling posts about my fashion icons, (I’m self confessed Audrey Hepburn obsessed).

Lifestyle: The most difficult part in my university dramas was not knowing where to look for advice or there being no advice about the problem I was facing at all. Therefore, I believe it would be highly beneficial for others to read about my life problems regarding; year outs, moving country or picking the right university for you!

SO, I hope this mini autobiography of mine entices you to continue following my blogging journey!

Write soon, 

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