Fall in Love with Florence


The 17th March 2016, travelling at a time only the stars know, with zero hours sleep, an unfinished uni deadline still yet to complete but nonetheless travelling to a place I was most delighted about visiting. Florence, Italy. Little did I know I would be writing this post 5 months later as its own resident. 

Spring break was a month long so, what better way to spend it than booking a flight to the city of beauty, culture and art. I was very fortunate that my boyfriend lived in such a wonderful place and I was so ready to explore!

I fell in love with Florence for the freedom you can feel within the cities walls. Every corner is full of authentic Italian surprises, (sometimes this can include strange Italian men trying to take you for a coffee, I’ll warn you), but most of the time its the tempting scent of pizza, beautiful architecture or the sound of an enchanting classical melody played by locals on the street. 

For me it was a breathe of fresh air to be able to walk around freely under the sun and not have to worry about getting the tube before rush hour or remembering my umbrella ‘just in case’. English problems. 

When I travel I think it’s important to not act like a tourist but to act as a local because during these moments you can fully experience the real culture of a place. Luckily, I had my boyfriend at hand to show me the real ‘dolce vita’ in Florence. 

So, I have collected my favourite things to see, do and just love while you’re in this beautiful place. A mixture of both local and touristic, as some things are undeniably unmissable. 

Where to stay? Airbnb is amazing! I have used it sooo many times this year. However,  it can get quite addictive once you start scrolling through pages upon pages of cute little getaways. You can truly see how the locals live as you are infact living in their house. It’s a way to feel more at home rather than staying in a hotel, (and also cheaper). 

I have stayed in three Airbnb’s in Florence since march and all three have been wonderful. They also give you the opportunity to explore new corners of the city!

Where to eat? Trattoria da Giorgio. Lets just talk about their tortellini… nothing compares! Filled with locals and at a price you would never believe. Only €14 for two courses, a side, water and wine, what’s not to love!

Grab a gelato at the Gelateria della Passera. Enjoy unique flavours in a delicately decorated interior. 


What to see? Get on your feet and go be captivated by the grand Duomo Cathedral or the charming interior of the Palazzo Vecchio or the marvellous masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery. If you’re a fashionista, take a visit to the Gucci Museum. The list really is endless when you’re in Florence, personally I like to get lost in the labyrinth of florentine streets as you never know what you will see!


Where to relax? Giardino delle Rose. My time in florence has been mostly spent between the flowers with a book in hand admiring the panoramic view. Walk through a hidden door to enjoy this secret garden!


During summer time the waterfall is dry and becomes a seat within the River Arno for locals to enjoy a view of the Ponte Vecchio accompanied with a bottle of wine. Another favourite relaxation spot of mine. 


Where to get the perfect picture? If none of the above makes you fall in love with Florence then the panoramic views on the Piazzale Michelangelo definitely will!


This is only a small part of what you can really experience in Florence but if I continue writing it will become a short story. I hope this post has inspired your future travels!

Thanks for reading,

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