Memories of Paris

As a fashionista I have been forever fixated on the idea of a fantasy life in Paris. Where else would you rather be than in the city of love? 

In March, I was given the opportunity to embark on a short but sweet adventure in Paris as part of my fashion marketing degree. Three days in the city left me wanting more…

Day 1: 5:30 am, dressed in Parisian stripes with my favourite black ribbon tied, suitcase packed to the brim, Alexa Chung’s ‘IT’ book in hand and I was ready for the early morning tranquil tube to King’s Cross, then, onto the Eurostar straight to Paris.

 After only 2hrs 30mins we arrived at our hotel. I think you can only appreciate a tiny attic twin room when you’re in Paris with the perfect view of classic black balconies contrasted against the cities white stone buildings. 

We were given the rest of the day to explore by our tutors. After a rainbow lunch, a group of friends and I decided to take the metro into the centre and see where our feet would take us. As you walk along the cobbled roads of the River Seine you can see many wonderful sights:


The Notre Dame, my favourite. The gothic architecture is simply stunning!

2016-02-16 15.47.02

 The Louvre, (which sadly was closed on that day).


The Pont des Arts, as a hopeless romantic I was in my element.


The Pont Alexandre III, a vision of elegance!


We ended our little expedition with what else but the Eiffel Tower. Oh how I love you Paris. 


Day 2: The main focus of our time in Paris was the Premiere Vision fashion trade show. This event showcases new materials, colours and trends to help inspire designers and buyers for spring/summer 17. It was so interesting to be in the fashion business environment.

2016-02-17 14.11.18.jpg

Sadly photos were forbidden so I can’t share all the beautiful ideas with you. However, as a true fashion blogger I was note taking to give you a sneak preview. 

For SS17 expect; neutral pastel shades of blue, pink, grey, purple and red. A trend for next summer will be mixing romantic pastels with dazzling brights to create a shaky balance. I can’t wait to start experimenting with this!


Day 3: Our last day was filled with croissants, coffee, shopping down the Champs – Élysées and visiting the Louis Vuitton Exhibition at the Grand Palais. He was a fashion genius so it was so cool to see the growth of LV from a luggage brand to high fashion. There were some amazing pieces like the camping bed that popped out from the LV monogrammed cases. If only I travelled like that.

12715908_10209241347977784_6447875428936500801_o.jpg2016-02-18 13.43.53IMG_8924

I loved my time in Paris but there is so much more for me to see! Sometimes when you travel in big groups you feel limited to what you can explore. However, this is just another excuse to go back again, don’t you agree?


Lots of love, 

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