Love in the Labyrinth of Venice

Nothing compares to Venice. An Italian paradise, your first step into the city will take your breath away. My adventure to Venice began in April, yet it felt like I had been transported back to a 1950’s venetian film set. Truly magical. 

The two nights that my boyfriend and I spent in Venice will be remembered forevermore. In our usual style, we arrived at the train station moments before our train from Verona to Venice was about to depart. After running like a crazy woman, hurling my suitcase onto the train – we had made it. 

IMG_1871 (1).jpg

Once again we were staying in an Airbnb but this one was actually an independent b&b rather than someone’s home. It was like stepping into a venetian doll’s house. I had been fixated on the idea of sleeping in the traditional venetian style bed and this room lived up to every expectation. Low beamed ceiling and classical furniture. I’m feeling sad writing this because I want to be back. (Apologies for the messy room btw – I am a messy person)


The first day was spent getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets amongst the Rialto Bridge and waves of gondolas on the hunt for San Marco’s Square. This grand piazza is like a treasure in the middle of the maze. So beautiful!

IMG_0105IMG_2824IMG_2833IMG_1917 (1)IMG_2699.jpg

The second day we woke up surprisingly early for me as I love sleep more than anything. It was my boyfriends birthday – the reason for my sudden burst of energy in the early morning. Still to this day I am proud of us for doing so many things in one day! 

GONDOLA. It’s impossible to go to Venice and not go on a gondola. Although we paid €80 for a tour and he only really told us where George Clooney got married, it was still a beautiful experience. 

IMG_2731.jpgIMG_1909 (1)IMG_1892 (1)IMG_1897 (1)IMG_1899 (1)

Boat Trip to Island 1 – MURANO. From Venice you can pay only €20 each for a boat that takes you on a trip around three different islands. The islands were so cute and tiny and we were free to explore alone. Murano is known for its art of glass making so it was interesting to go to a workshop to see how it was done!

IMG_2900.jpgIMG_1924IMG_2892.jpgIMG_1920 (1)IMG_2895.jpg

Boat Trip to Island 2 – BURANO. The land of lace! (also the land of cute old people and colourful houses). This little fisherman’s island is picture perfect. 


Boat Trip to Island 3 – TORCELLO. Think of Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘Birds’. The smallest island of them all occupying an empty restaurant, a fatal bridge and a cemetery. Home to what only seemed to be three cats. I’m still not sure if this place was real…


Of course our trip was finished perfectly with wine and pizza, how else would you end an Italian dream? 

If I could, I would tell the world to visit Venice. The city on water was utterly wonderful!

Thanks for reading, 

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12 thoughts on “Love in the Labyrinth of Venice

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    1. Aww thank you so much! At first I wasn’t sure if it was worth it because it is so expensive and the tour guide wasn’t very helpful but the gondolas are so magical! Hope you had a lovely time there and I’ll check out your blog 🙂 xx


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