Life as a London Fashion Student.

IMG_1899.jpgOnce upon a time, I was sat in my school library attempting to write my personal statement, thinking what the hell do I want to be when I’m older? Almost two years later and having experienced my first year at university, and now on my gap year – I’m still having the same thought.

I hate the whole system of today, where we are expected to be certain about our entire future. At 17 I didn’t even go to the dentist alone, how was I supposed to know what career path I wanted to take? So don’t worry you’re not alone!

I would spend all night researching different job paths and university courses that I might like. But, what helped me the most was reading other bloggers experiences and advice, it just feels more real, do you agree? I thought maybe, I could help students who are worried about the future or who are completely lost in a mountain of university prospectuses like I was. Here is my guide for getting through student life…

Choosing my degree:

The first thing I did was a LIST. I am a huge lover of lists. I make a list for practically anything and everything to feel instantly organised.

Make a list of things that you love. I thought about the subjects at school that I loved; english, textiles, languages. I then thought about what hobbies I loved; all things creative. Finally, I thought about the cities that I would love to spend the next 3 years in; Leeds? London? Abroad?

This is helpful in narrowing down your choices. It’s also helpful with writing your personal statement as it gives you options to talk about when describing yourself. 

List number 2 – university open days. These are so important as you can get a feel for the course, the students and the tutors. For me this was highly influential in deciding whether I wanted to study home or away and narrowing down my course options.

I have been forever dreaming about a job where I can basically become a cast member of the Devil Wear’s Prada – so I finally decided upon a Fashion Marketing degree. After attending various uni open days, The London College of Fashion seemed so amazing and perfect for me! After the opening day my decision was instantly made! I worked my ass off to get the grades to get in and come results day I was ACCEPTED!


Preparing for Uni:

Do not go wild in Ikea. This was my mistake, I bought every kitchen tool possible and once I got to my uni accommodation I was unfortunately living with a pan thief…However, I do recommend buying their candles to help you focus when deadlines are creeping up on you. 

Read. Read up on your course content. Last summer I raided my library and read an uncountable number of books about fashion marketing, fashion designers and fashion history. This made me feel ready to jump into my first day at uni and ensured me that this was a subject that I was really passionate about!

Becoming a Fashion Student:

Positives – Your first day will be your best day. I can remember being sat nervously on the tube to Holborn for my induction day. When I got there I was shocked by how easy it was to make friends. LCF is great at organising ‘ice breaker’ events. My first day consisted of a group fashion treasure hunt around London. I loved it, fashion, Lola’s cupcakes and wine – any better way to start? No is the answer. 


Another positive thing about becoming a fashion student was that I was so passionate about my work, I would spend hours perfecting my work. I mean, writing about my style icon, Audrey Hepburn, I really couldn’t call it work.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 00.18.13.jpg

Negatives – The lesson hours. When you realise you’re paying £9,000 but only have two and a half days at uni a week you start to think is it really worth it? As a result, I lost all motivation. One week I ended up in the Scottish Highlands with some friends instead of going to uni… yep I’m not joking either. 

Another negative was the location of my accommodation. London is huge. It used to take me almost two hours both walking and on the tube to get practically anywhere central. This was basically the downfall of what I expected to be a great first year at uni as all the students in my flat were not from LCF and all studied locally. This made it really difficult to make any close friendships with the girls I studied with who all lived so far away from me. 


Tips to Survive:

  • Consider a campus uni to avoid feeling lonely when you’re tubes away from your friends. 
  • Attending all your lessons will help you feel more motivated and will result in better friendships.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t think it’s not what you expected it to be when you were at college. I am currently on a gap year after not being fully happy at uni. So, there is ALWAYS a solution. It’s even possible to change course during the year!

Celebrating the anniversary of getting into uni a year ago today, I thought this post would be helpful for anyone starting in September or anyone who is struggling with choosing a university. Since experiencing my first year I hope my insight can be informative for you! Let me know if you have any more questions about uni or taking a gap year! What are you studying or thinking about studying?

Lot of love,

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    1. Thats sounds similar to me, I was convinced I would do English language and Spanish but once I went to a fashion marketing talk I fell in love! Good luck with your a-levels and I hope this helps you with your decision! X

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  1. Hi Shanni, I have some questions which I really want to ask you but it don’t want to spam your comment section with a lengthy text. Is there are way i can message you personally?



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