In Fair Verona…

If you’re travelling as star-crossed lovers or travelling in search of your Romeo, Verona is the perfect place to be. The setting of Shakespeare’s charming love story. A city full of hope and enchantment.

As you can probably guess from my previous blog posts, I always have been and always will be a hopeless romantic. You will forever find me watching every different version of Romeo and Juliet, dancing around to the soundtrack, or reenacting parts from the play. Recently, I even went to a castle to watch an Italian theatre interpretation of the masterpiece. Ok. Now I’m starting to sound obsessed…

Verona has been number one on my travel bucket list since I can remember. My mum and I used to spend every Sunday, spooning a dog each, watching Romeo and Juliet and dreaming of the day when we would visit this romantic city! Finally, I did it!

Back in April, my boyfriend and I travelled from our home in Florence to Verona, then Venice. We booked an Airbnb and I was adamant that it had to fit the passionate place in which we would be staying. How else would you fulfil this, other than sleeping in a four-poster bed? The room was so cute with a little table by the window for breakfast in bed; with a view, simply perfect!


After we checked in, we then spent the rest of the day exploring the little tranquil city of Verona. Walking through the Piazza delle Erba, past the Torrei dei Lamberti along to the Arena di Verona, these are just a few of the many charming sights you will see along the way.

IMG_2348 IMG_1852 (2)IMG_1857 (1)IMG_25288IMG_1841 (1)IMG_1851 (1)IMG_1848 (1)IMG_1840 (1)IMG_1845 (1)IMG_1850 (1)

BUT, as you can already imagine, what I fell in love with the most was of course La Casa di Giulietta! (possibly the most romantic place ever). If you have ever seen the film, Letters to Juliet, then you will know just how magical it is to be there. I felt like I was Juliet just for 5 seconds of my life. 

IMG_25211.jpgIMG_1824 (1).jpgIMG_00198 (3)

I love the simplicity of the Italian lifestyle, nothing compares to sitting down by the river, watching the city go to sleep with a bottle of wine in hand. It was the perfect end to a lovely day!

The next day we only had a few hours before we had to catch the train to Venice, so we decided to get on ‘a hop on, hop off’ bus tour! We were feeling kind of lazy, early morning – you know the feeling! This was the perfect way for us to get to the top of Verona and have the perfect panoramic view (and also a free bus ride back to the train station). Don’t ask me why but this bus was hilarious, I don’t know whether it was the strange american tour guide through the earphones or that the average age of the passengers was 80, but I was definitely feeling some weird tour bus high haha. 

IMG_2580.jpgIMG_2614IMG_2544IMG_2550IMG_2592IMG_1872 (1)

Oh, Verona, Verona. The history, the magic and the atmosphere, makes it a city that you MUST experience! I could travel there a thousand and one times and never get bored. I love, love, love this city!

Let me know in the comments if you liked this travel diary, also have you ever been to Verona? Where is the most romantic city you have ever visited? I would love your inspiration!

Lots of love,

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