Summer Style: August Fashion Favourites

As the first of September springs upon us, I am left feeling nostalgic of the summer. Although I love autumn nights spent around the fire with a hot chocolate in hand, there’s nothing better than the freedom of summer fashion. Usually, my summer back home in England lasts for a whole three days… I wish I was joking. However, since Iย movedย to Italy, I have been able to experiment with my style a lot more because…well what can I say – sunshine actually exists here.

I have decided to dedicate this blog post to those summer nights *insert grease song here*. Whether you have an upcoming holiday, live in a hot country or simply just miss the sunshine, I hope this can bring some inspiration to your wardrobe. It’s also a chance for you to checkout my monthly fashion favourites!

IMG_3808 (11)

Let’s start with neutral, earthy tones. This trend is one of my favourites for summer, especially for those days spent laying under the sun, toes sinking into the sandy beaches, watching the waves go by. It’s easy to style and gives you that casually stylish look like you almost just woke up like that.

The first piece is an amazing dress from Forever21. I absolutely love to wear this, it gives me my Marilyn moments. Embarrassingly, in the past people have stopped me on the streets shouting Marilyn Monroe and asking for pictures. So if you want your movie moment, this halter neck beauty would be perfect! I usually pair this with simple brown ballet flats or these H&M, as I like to call, ‘Jesus sandals’.

The second outfit is this grey maxi skirt I bought two years ago from Mango. The best thing about this is the huge pockets… I mean who doesn’t love to discover pockets in their skirts!? I definitely do. This skirt is very versatile due to its neutral colour so you can wear it with almost everything. In the picture I have styled it with this pretty little crochet halter-neck crop top I bought from Primark. As pretty as it may seem, it definitely is NOT practical. The first and last time I wore this made me experience a mild case of the old ‘nip slip’, disastrous I know.

IMG_3794 (11)

Corals, greens and all things tropical. For me, summer is the one time when I can really mix up my colour palette, so why not go all out? In my recent scavenger hunt through the Zara sales, I picked up this adorable bow front crop top. I love the print – It just screamed summer at me! I love to wear this with long flowy skirts to make me feel like a fairy. The two skirts shown were actually cute one of kind presents from my boyfriends mum but I’m sure you can find something similar! TIP: just go for the brightest colour you see! ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3811 (11)

During my daily life I like to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn and its all about accessories, accessories, accessories! I love wearing vintage-esque neck ties to add a little Audrey to my outfit.ย I actually bought this one on Amazon a few months ago for only a few pounds, so go check it out! They are perfect with Bardot style dresses or tops, but I also like to wear them with this light denim dress from New Look, the colours are so complementary!

IMG_3805 (11)

Think pink! For me, pink is the perfect colour to dress a look up or down. For the day time style it with white or neutral colours, for the night style it with black!

Lets just talk about the detail on this pink dress…amaziiiing! I got this dress last summer in the Zara in Barcelona and I fell in love with it. I recently wore it to the theatre and it was ideal dress for a special occasion.ย 

The second summer outfit is this gorgeous pleated skirt. I have seen these skirts a lot in more luxury stores, so I was beyond happy to find one in good old trusty Primark. Also, because I’ve recently become obsessed with the trend of bodysuit tops and chokers, I pair the skirt with this Bershka mesh detailed bodysuit and this choker that has the cutest flower detail from Topshop! I just love it. Throw on these simple classic H&M sandals and you’re ready for a summer night out!

I also love simple black bikinis, so I grabbed this one from OVS.ย 

IMG_3793 (11)

The final summer inspo pieces are things that could also be transitional for autumn. I mean they’re black and when is black not chic? Never. Ok so, the first piece is this beautiful Topshop dress. The detail is so classic, I love the mixture of textures with the pleats, polka dots and lace. Pair it with a floppy hat and some cat eye sunnies and you will look like a summers dream!

My next outfit choice is lil bit sassier (also another Zara sale raid). It’s this red, crochet, super cute, halter neck top! I thought this would be perfect worn with these high-waisted wide leg pants for the ultimate date night outfit. Even if you don’t have a date night planned, these pants are SO comfortable and I’m worried they’ll become a member of my pyjama collection very soon.

Finally, ( I know this has been very long, but as an ex fashion student what can you expect other than a mountain of clothes in my wardrobe), my favourite thing that I’ve been wearing endlessly this month is this vintage black pleated Max Mara dress. Again, my boyfriends mum recently gave me this which she bought 30 years ago! I think its amazing to find timeless pieces and it’s definitely encouraged me to go on the quest for more vintage clothing.

Let me know what was your favourite style this summerย and if you would like monthly fashion favourites? P.s Where did you spend your summer?? I’m always looking for travel inspiration.ย 

Lots of love,

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