Sunday Night, Pamper Night

If I could give you one magical cure for stress it would be – pamper yourself. 

After a stressful week I wanted nothing more to relax and at last ‘Have A Nice Day’. Luckily enough, the lovely Luigi from the organic brand HAND, had sent me the most amazing package of all things pampering. 

I was attracted to the wonderful brand for many reasons:

  • They are authentically made in Italy and are being sold in the UK (my two worlds combined)
  • All the cosmetics are organic, plant-based and not tested on animals
  • They are high quality cosmetics (honestly, you need to smell them)
  • The packaging is super cute!
  • And most importantly the results – I was left feeling as soft as a baby’s bum

The package included a mixture of soaps, shower gels, body moisturisers and skin care. However I’m going to dedicate this post solely to bath/shower products – stay tuned for part 2!


Ok so, the first step to a pamper night is BUBBLES. A little bath addict secret of mine is; shower gel works just as well as bubble bath. The two shower gels that I received not only smell amazing but they are free of parabens and synthetic substances so they’re great for a girl like me who has the most annoying sensitive skin!

The first one is one for all those that have a sweet tooth. The scent reminds of when I would visit old-fashioned sweetie shops every Sunday with my grandparents. It’s described as Myrtle which is a white Mediterranean flower. Since ancient times, this ingredient has also been known for its healing purposes such as opening air passages – I will definitely be using this even more in the colder months!

The second shower gel has a Mint scent, which is perfect just before you go to bed as it helps you to feel relaxed and sleepy. It also give your skin that squeaky clean smell! I love it.


In order to be extra squeaky clean you must use these sensational soaps. They come in a range of scents, create a luscious lather and leave your skin feeling super soft! 

My first soap bar trial was the Fig one. Don’t ask me why but I’m attracted to those rich old granny smells, my favourite perfume is Chanel No5 and my mum always says it smells like grandmas, and well, this reminded me of that. Anyway… I really loved it! 

The next soap I tried was the Lavender as this was the most aromatic and also a scent that makes me feel relaxed. After my shower I felt so refreshed, I definitely recommend!

Mint is the best scent to use to wake you up on those early mornings and this soap definitely did the trick. 

The last three soaps had more fruity notes about them, they include; Citrus FruitPomegranate and Orange Blossom. A key ingredient to these beautiful bars is the shea butter. This creates the smoothest legs ever!

These soaps are also multipurpose products as they make the perfect makeup brush cleaner.


The final step to any pamper night after you bathed, shaved and lathered is…moisturiser! HAND kindly sent me two different kinds of body moisturisers; a body cream and a body moisturiser. They’re suitable for all skin types and omg they leave your skin feeling amazing! I prefer the body cream as it creates a thickening affect on your skin. I literally couldn’t stop stroking my legs afterwards.

Overall, I was so impressed with these products and I would recommend them to everyone! In my opinion, this brand deserve so much more recognition as Luigi’s passion is really shown through the products and packaging. I am a big fan!

You can find them here:

Shower Gels €7.50     Soap Bar | €4.50    Body Cream | €12     Body Milk | €14

Have you ever tried this products? Which one would you buy?

Lots of Love,

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